3 Reasons Why Probiotics Are Important for Fighting Candida

They’re not just for diarrhea anymore. It turns out probiotics have a wide array of health benefits for many parts of the body. So it’s not surprising that it can take on a nasty invader in its own backyard. Using probiotics to fight Candida is like playing King of the Hill with the neighborhood bully. And winning.

Probiotics Balance Your Intestinal pH

And that’s important because Candida is a sneaky little yeast/fungus. It can change forms. When your intestines become more alkaline, it turns into its hyphal (fungal) form, making it more destructive. You don’t want that.

And its byproducts can further alkalinize your intestines, making it even harder to control and making you sicker. But probiotics act to rebalance your pH levels by secreting beneficial acids. And they can keep your intestinal pH balanced to prevent a recurrence.

Probiotics Compete with Candida for Resources

Like the rest of us, Candida likes to eat. And with a depleted microbiome, it gets the first crack at all the goodies coming its way. But the more probiotics it has to contend with, the less is left for the Candida. Of course, using probiotics to fight Candida only works if you take in enough probiotics on a regular basis.

Probiotics Enhance Immunity

And not just immunity to Candida. For reasons still not clearly understood, probiotics ramp up your immune system. It may have to do with some of the products they excrete. They certainly protect the intestinal tract, but more research is needed.


One of the smartest ways to get a grip on this problem is taking probiotics to fight Candida. It’s not a prescription medication, and if it has side effects, they’re good for you. So go ahead and kick that bully in the – well, just kick that bully!

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