4 Simple Ways to Help Prevent Foot Fungus Infections

Fungi exist just about everywhere around us. The air, soil, plants, and even inside of us. Fungi love environments that are warm, dark and humid. This is why your feet and shoes could become a perfect breeding ground for fungal infectios.

By taking a few simple precautionary measures, you could greatly reduce the chances of having foot fungal infections. Follow these steps to take better care of your feet and keep the fungi at bay.

Choose the Right Shoes

Make sure your shoes fit properly and have breathable fabric like leather or mesh. Try to avoid plastic shoes. Also, alternate your shoes every day or two, especially the ones you workout in.

Care for Your Shoes

If foot fungus infections have been an issue in the past, try adding antifungal powder to your shoes daily. Throw out your old footwear instead of having it lie around the house collecting colonies of fungi. To avoid spreading fungal infections, do not share your shoes with others.

Keep Your Bare Feet Safe

If you’re in a public area, you probably want to keep your shoes on. Places like locker rooms, public bathrooms, gyms, and carpeting have the right conditions (warm, damp, dark) for fungi to thrive. Wear shower shoes or other forms of foot protection if you are in locker rooms or public bathing areas.

Care for Your Feet

Keep your feet clean and dry whenever possible. Make sure you cut your toenails short and straight across. Also, have two sets of nail clippers–one for your infected toes and one for your healthy toes. If you do have to treat a foot fungus infection with over-the-counter or prescription medication, make sure you use the medicine for as long as directed. Even if it looks like the foot fungus has vanished, there may still be lingering fungi ready to multiply and re-infect your foot.

If you are still having issues with foot fungus infections, consult a doctor or podiatrist. A compromised immune system and some medications could also be a factor for these types of infections.

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