4 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Have a Fungal Infection

If your doctor has told you that you’ve got a fungal skin infection, you need to take precautions. During the treatment, you need to protect others from contracting your fungal skin infection. What’s more, you have to give yourself the best chance of making a fast recovery. In this article, we look at 4 things you shouldn’t do if you have a fungal skin infection.

1. Don’t Wear Tight Clothing

Fungi thrive in warm and moist conditions. As a result, it’s best to avoid wearing tight-fitting items of clothing. Regardless of whether you’ve got vaginal thrush, athlete’s foot or any other fungal skin infection, wearing loosely-fitting clothing is crucial.

2. Keep Away from Public Pools

Fungi love public swimming pools! For your sake, as well as the sake of others, avoid a trip to the local swimming pool. Because fungi love moist and damp environments, many people contract fungal skin infections in public swimming pools.

3. Don’t Shave

If you’re suffering from a fungal skin infection in the underarm or groin area, avoid shaving it. This is because the blade can worsen the infection or spread it to a larger area.

4. Avoid Tight, Crowded Areas

Last on our list of things you shouldn’t do if you have a fungal skin infection, is spending a lot of time in overcrowded areas. As crowded spaces also often get hot and moist, they are also a breathing ground for fungi.

If you have to take the train or bus to work, make sure to shower often.

Final Thoughts

These are our 4 things you shouldn’t do if you have a fungal skin infection. In addition, we’d also advise you to be mindful of the type of soap you use. Some soaps can aggravate your fungal skin infection, while other products help to clear it up.

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