5 Tips to Protect Your Kids from Fungal Infections

For the most part, fungal infections aren’t serious and clear up without any major issues. Nonetheless, they are unpleasant, especially for children. In this article, we give you 5 tips to protect your kids from fungal infections. In fact, these tips are useful for anyone when trying to prevent fungal infections.

#1 Get Them to Dry Their Feet Really Well

First on our list of 5 tips to protect your kids from fungal infections is the “dry between your toes” tip. This is because the fungus responsible for athlete’s foot loves moist and warm environments. If your child doesn’t dry between the toes, she/he is more likely to get athlete’s foot.

#2 Buy Them a Nice Pair of Flip-Flops

Wearing flip flops in public swimming pool areas and gyms is one of the best tips to protect your kids from fungal infections. Get them used to wearing them in public showers and anywhere else they might otherwise go barefoot. Again, this is to prevent them from getting athlete’s foot.

#3 Wash Sports Clothing Straight After Use

Sweaty clothing is a breeding ground for fungi as well as bacteria. Hence, washing used sports clothing after each wear is crucial to avoid getting fungal infections.

#4 Change the Sand in Your Sandpit on a Regular Basis

Kids love playing barefoot in sandpits, but as you may know, cats and dogs may love sandpits to. Consequently, changing the sand in your sandpit regularly is a must, as animal poop can spread infections.

#5 Wash Sneakers

This is the last of our 5 tips to protect your kids from fungal infections. Apart from getting them to change socks daily, also have them air out their feet at home, giving you a chance to wash their sneakers.

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