6 Ways to Prevent Yeast Infections in Men

Yeast infections in men are as much a misery as yeast infections in women. And the sooner science finds an effective and thorough cure, the sooner we can all just stop itching and stinking.

But until then, there really are things we can do. So even if we never find that one magic bullet, we can put together a set of strategies that work for us. Here are a few for you to consider.

You Want Some Air Down There

So wear loose clothing in natural fibers, fibers that breathe. Cotton is great, especially for underwear. Wool is natural, but no, not wool.

And trim your pubic hair. Less hair, more air. And yeast doesn’t like air.

Stick to the Low End of the Carb Pool

That means no added sugars or even sweet fruits. No simple carbs. A moderate amount of whole grains. Avocados, tomatoes, olives are fine.

No Alcohol

Sorry. Alcohol comes from sugar, and sometimes contains some of it, and yeast love it. Party for them, not for you. This is where a lot of guys slip up.

Stay Away from Antibiotics (as much as possible)

Antibiotics are an open invitation to yeast. But if you have to take antibiotics, try taking probiotics too. Yogurt, kefir, fermented vegetables may help to keep yeast at bay, even though the research isn’t there yet.

But if you want to take probiotic supplements, talk to your doctor. Sometimes the probiotics themselves can make you a little sick.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Unless it’s a sprint. If you never had yeast before, and it goes away as soon as you treat it, it’s a sprint. But for most yeast infections in men, it’s going to take awhile.

So if your yeast can’t quit you (and vice versa), keep up your antifungal strategies for at least three months, even if it goes away in two weeks.

Yeast Doesn’t Like Saltwater or Sunshine

So give it as much of both as you can (following local ordinances).


Yeast infections in men are tough. But you’re tougher.

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