Are the Current Diagnostic Methods for Fungus Outdated?

Globally, 1.7 million people die from a fungal disease each year, which is, no doubt, a shocking number. Lately, the overuse of antibiotics has been making the headlines, but now, many experts are looking at the fungal disease fatality rates. What’s more, experts are asking, are the current diagnostic methods for fungus outdated?

How Are Fungal Disease Diagnosed?

Up until now, doctors usually take a blood sample, incubates it, and observes whether a fungus grows. However, many experts now believe that these methods take too long. Furthermore, many consider these methods to lack sensitivity and precision. So, if you’re asking, are the current diagnostic methods for fungus outdated, these medical experts seem to think so.

What Is Wrong with the Current Fungal Infection Diagnostic Methods?

In recent times, it has emerged that current fungus diagnostics may not be all the accurate. In a well-documented case, candida auris was mistaken for Candida haemulonii. Misdiagnoses such as this have led even more experts to believe that the current diagnostic methods are outdated.

Other experts simply feel that the current methods are too time-consuming to produce useful results.

How Could the Diagnostic Methods for Fungus Be Improved?

To improve current diagnostic methods, some fungal disease experts are now seeking the development of molecular diagnostic methods.

This is because, in molecular tests, the fungi’s DNA is detected much more quickly and effectively. However, these new diagnostic methods still need developing. What’s more, there is a need to produce new standardized tests that can be used across the board.

Final Thoughts

If you’re asking a fungal infection expert, are the current diagnostic methods for fungus outdated, he/she would agree. As the number of people dying from fungal diseases each year is on the rise, developing molecular diagnostic methods is crucial.

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