Can You Get Candida from Stress?

Do you feel itchy, discomfort or notice any vaginal discharge? Do these symptoms appear especially every time you are under stress?

Probably you have Vaginal Candidiasis, that means you have the candida fungus lodged in your body, not only in your vaginal flora but also in your digestive system.

How Chronic Stress Causes Candidiasis

Psychological stress can trigger the proliferation of this and other microorganisms at an intestinal and vaginal level because it depresses your immune system allowing the development of several conditions.

How Does It Work?

Stress produces an increase cortisol production, debilitating the immune system while increasing the levels of blood sugar.

Both factors help to incubate Candida Albicans, which feeds on sugar and yeast which will bloom without a strengthened immune system.

Chronic stress can affect your body to the point of generating recurrent episodes of candidiasis.

How to Prevent Candidiasis in Your Everyday Life?

Avoid sugary foods and refined flours

Vaginal candidiasis almost always indicates the fungal presence in our digestive tract and listed foods feed this type of fungus.

Restricting your sugary food intake for 15 days ensures a higher success rate in its elimination.


When the human body shows signs of a disease, many times, if not always, it means we are taking it to the limit. It is essential to rest and replenish to combat these unpleasant symptoms.

Sterilize your toys

As far as adult toys are concerned, it’s advisable to clean them and use them with condoms to ensure cleanliness since some toys could host bacteria and microorganisms like the candida fungus.

No sex until the infection has disappeared

Usually, candida infection goes unnoticed in men, so regardless of whether he presents symptoms or not, your partner should receive treatment. That means no play nights until both of your organism had fought the infection thoroughly.

Don’t abuse overly scented sanitary products

Many times menstruation masks vaginal infection symptoms since the change of pH alters the fungal environment. However, once the menstrual cycle is over, fungal growth resumes and the symptoms reappear.

If you’re treating a candida infection, stop using sanitary napkins. They do not breathe and thus promote the growth pf yeast. Menstrual cups are your best bet when treating candidiasis.

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