Can You Starve Your Fungus?

The body contains natural flora and fauna, called the human microbiota. Though they are supposed to be there, sometimes they grow out of control. The overgrowth can cause many problems, like yeast infections.

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to starve fungus to manage an infection?

Cutting Out the Food Source for Fungus

To begin with, let’s start with the natural fungus in your body. Fungi, such as candida (yeast), lives in the human gut and in a woman’s vagina. Candida is responsible for a variety of different fungal infections like oral and vaginal yeast infections. It is normally benign, but it can grow out of control.

Lactobacillus bacteria make an acid that prevents overgrowth. When the balance between natural yeast and bacteria is disturbed it can cause overgrowth. Called candidiasis, this overgrowth can cause uncomfortable symptoms. It can also lead to serious complications.

Theoretically, you can starve your fungus. Fungi eat sugar. So, if you cut your sugar consumption the fungus will have less to eat. If you wanted to try this, you would have to minimize all forms of sugar from your diet. This includes carbs and alcohol.

To balance out your candida population, you should likewise add more lactobacillus rich foods to your diet. This good bacterium is in different types of food like yogurt and kefir. It is also in some fermented foods like sauerkraut and miso. You can also drink acidophilus enriched milk, or take supplements. Since Lactobacillus suppresses candida growth, it should help to start lowering your fungus count.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to starve your fungus in theory. However, rather than trying to kill the fungus off completely you should aim for re-balance. Eat more lactobacillus rich foods. Both are supposed to be in your body. So, you should try to get the overgrowth back under control.

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