Can You Treat Fungal Infections with Oregano Oil?

Oregano oil is made by distilling oregano leaves. Experts confirm that this is a very effective home remedy.

General Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

So what are the main benefits of oregano oil? It can kill harmful bacteria and keep you safe from infections. Additionally, it has significant anti-inflammatory effects.

This oil can also lower your cholesterol. Since it contains antioxidants, it protects your brain from age-related damage. Furthermore, it protects the health of your intestines.

But what about fungal diseases? Can oregano oil protect you from this type of infection?

The Effects of Oregano Oil on Fungal Infections

Science says that killing fungus is among the benefits of oregano oil.

Additionally, oregano oil has an extremely wide range of uses. Research shows that it can help treat at least five different types of Candida infections. It is also frequently used for yeast infections and skin problems of any kind.

In addition to stopping your infection, this oil can help ease the symptoms. After all, many fungal diseases come with a great deal of itching. Applying this oil to your skin can help.

So How Do You Use Oregano Oil?

You can apply oregano oil externally, or you can take it orally in liquid form. Soft-gel capsules are also a possibility. Since this oil is very potent, you should make sure not to take more than the recommended dosage.

However, you should ask your doctor before you start this type of treatment. Oregano oil can be unsafe for pregnant women and some other groups of people. You might also need to take iron supplements along with your oregano oil treatment.

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