Have a Sweet Tooth? It Could Be a Sign of Yeast Infection

Your abnormal craving for sweets may give you more than a cavity. It may be a sign of a fungal infection. Could it be that your sugar craving is a sign of yeast infection?

Sugar and Candida

Yeast infections are an infection by the Candida fungus. Candida lives naturally in the body, but an overgrowth turns into the condition known as candidiasis. Different health conditions like diabetes or a weakened immune system may cause candidiasis. Also, some prescription drugs, a bacterial infection, and pregnancy may also cause overgrowth.

Studies show that if you eat too much sugar, artificial sweeteners, or dairy products it can increase risks of vaginal infections. It is a vicious cycle because the candida fungus feeds on sugar. Conversely, the increased sugar leaves you open for more vaginal infections and risk of overgrowth.

If you suspect that this is the reason for your yeast overgrowth, there are steps you can take to restore your body’s natural balance.

The first thing you should consider is cutting down your sugar intake. The body needs a balance of bacteria and fungus. So, you should aim to reduce overeating sugar to re-balance your body. This includes simple sugars like galactose, glucose, and fructose. You should also limit eating compound sugars and starches.

Also, consult with your doctor. Maybe your sugar craving is a sign of yeast infection. But, it could also be a symptom of another illness. Try to avoid taking more antibiotics as it can make yeast infections worse.

Final Thoughts

If your sugar craving is a sign of yeast infection you should consult with your doctor. Otherwise, there are dietary steps you can take to minimize encouraging overgrowth.

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