Heart Transplant Recipients May Be at a Higher Risk of This Fungal Infection

Fungal diseases can be dangerous or even deadly. People with immune system problems are at an increased risk. In their case, treating fungal infections can be impossible.

Invasive aspergillosis is an extremely dangerous disease. It comes with coughing and a fever. Professionals say that it is a leading cause of death for people with certain immune system problems.

So what are the top causes of invasive aspergillosis?

Causes of Invasive Aspergillosis

Being immunocompromised puts you at risk of this disease. People who have leukemia are at risk because of chemotherapy. Bone marrow transplants are another potential risk factor.

Heart transplantation is also among the causes of invasive aspergillosis. In this case, prevention could be possible.

The Risks of Heart Transplantations

Invasive aspergillosis is one of the top causes of death for people with heart transplants. Thus, it’s very important to study preventions options.

Research shows that early diagnosis can do a lot to help.

A group of scientists studied heart transplant recipients. The study lasted around ten months. So what did they find?

It was possible to detect this fungal infection before it showed any symptoms. The researchers found that this improved the patients’ prognosis considerably. But what kind of screening process can help?

The scientists applied CT chest scans. This appears to be a good approach toward diagnosing the disease in time. However, this isn’t widely applied in hospitals for now.


People who have heart transplants need a long time to recover. After all, they are at a heightened risk of infections.

Invasive aspergillosis is one of the top dangers. However, chest scans could help doctors diagnose it in time.

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