How Do You Treat Ear Fungus?

Have you heard about fungal ear infections? This type of ear disease usually happens in the tropics. However, anyone can be at risk of it.

But what causes this infection? And how do you treat ear fungus?

Causes of Ear Fungus

Experts say that there are sixty different types of fungi that can cause ear problems. In most cases, the culprit is the Aspergillus fungus.

You can easily contract this kind of disease from contaminated water. Additionally, you are more at risk if you have skin problems.

So how do you treat ear fungus? And which preventive measures can help you avoid it?

Treatment and Prevention of Ear Fungus

  • Antifungal Drugs Are Necessary

Effective antifungal medication can help deal with this issue. Your doctors will recommend the best type of treatment. They will probably prescribe ear drops, though some people need to use tablets instead.

  • Make Sure to Get Them Thoroughly Cleaned

You will need help from a medical professional to deal with this infection. After all, they will need to use suction to remove the fungus from your ear. Since fungi keep growing back, your doctor will repeat this procedure a few times.

  • Keep Your Ears Dry While You’re Recovering

The fungus grows more quickly in a damp environment. Hence, you will have to avoid swimming for a while. Keep in mind that fungal infections may last a few months.

  • You May Need to Use Home Remedies

Olive oil is the best treatment for this problem. After all, it can decrease earwax buildup.

An Important Note

If you have ear fungus, consult your doctors before you try a treatment. Antibiotics don’t help and can even make it worse.

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