Is There a Link Between Candida and Psoriasis?

These two on there own cause enough problems. From thrush to scaly rashes, neither are appealing to anyone. Those infected struggle to ease symptoms. The thought of contracting anything else on top of that is sure to cause stress. Unfortunately, there may be a link between candida and psoriasis.

The Candida Strain

Candida is a strain of fungus, which you may know as yeast. Every human body contains it, but it’s when there’s an overgrowth that it becomes a problem. There are over 20 distinct species of it, and it’s known to infect the genitals, eyes, and throat. Anti-fungal medications can treat this.


Psoriasis is a condition that gives us an overgrowth of skin cells. It happens when our skin cells speed up their production. With all the extra skin cells, it leaves us with visible lesions and itchy red patches. There’s no cure for it. It’s thought that adjusting certain lifestyle measures can help you manage it. These include managing stress and moisturizing regularly.

What’s the Link?

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder. As with any disorder, it’s regularly studied. It’s through these tests that scientists have found a link between candida and psoriasis.

Out of everyone that they monitored, those with psoriasis had the highest amounts of candida in them. It was measured both by levels in saliva as well as the stool.

While there’s no conclusive causal effect found in this study, the researchers postulated that psoriasis sufferers having a weakened immune system plays a part in this. It has been proven though, that coming down with a candida infection can worsen any psoriasis symptoms.

In Conclusion

The link between candida and psoriasis may not be fully proven. The fact that it exists though can’t be refuted. Those that suffer from psoriasis need to understand this. From there, they can take steps to control the candida levels in their lives.

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