Is There a Link Between Fungus and Alzheimer’s?

link between fungus and Alzheimer’s

Scientists are not certain what causes Alzheimer’s disease. Previously, the popular theory was a combination of environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors. But, new research sheds light on a link between fungus and Alzheimer’s.

The threat of Alzheimer’s disease as you get older is a very real threat. And, one you can’t do very much to prevent. Especially in light of the popular theory that certain risk factors can make you predisposed, but there is no certain way to get it. Until now.

Recent research has unveiled traces of fungus in the brains of previous Alzheimer’s patients. While this isn’t conclusive evidence. There maybe a link between fungal infection and Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s the most common form of dementia and affects individuals around the world. The biggest risk factor for getting Alzheimer’s disease is old age. Something no one can fight against. And, once you have it there is no way to stop or reverse the symptoms.

However, if there is truth in the link between fungus infection or disease and Alzheimer’s, there may be some hope for treatment later on down the line. Treatment options would be in the form of some type of antifungal therapy.

But, it’s too soon to begin thinking in those terms. First scientists must establish if the fungal presence in the brain is a result of Alzheimer’s or the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. It may very well be present because of a compromised immune system for these Alzheimer’s sufferers.

For now, the fungal connection provides researchers with a promising lead and nothing more.

Final Thoughts

The possible link between fungus and Alzheimer’s is promising. Especially since if the disease is a result of a fungal growth, there may be treatments available to combat the disease. But, until researchers can provide solid evidence, Alzheimer’s disease remains incurable with no treatment options.