Is There a Link Between Gut Fungi and Obesity?

Obesity is extremely widespread in our society.

Statistics show that obesity affects one in two adults. The US is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to obesity rates. These rates are likely to grow within the next decade.

This epidemic has many different causes. Lifestyle changes can do a lot to help people reach a healthy weight. But it is also important to study the medical reasons behind obesity.

Exploring the Connection Between Gut Fungi and Obesity

Doctors have discovered that gut fungi and obesity are linked. So what did their research show?

The scientists prepared a high-fat diet. They fed it to mice and then observed the effects.

When mice consumed high-fat food, their gut bacteria and gut fungi changed. Some fungi started growing more than usual. This diet also caused changes in the interactions between different fungi.

Our gut fungi and bacteria are in balance. When the balance gets disrupted, our digestion changes. This can lead to obesity.

It is also important to note that fungi changes can be dangerous. They can lead to gut inflammation. Hence, they are the source of digestive discomfort as well as increased weight.

A Final Word

You already know that high-fat diets lead to obesity.

To maintain or achieve a healthy weight, you should cut back on fats. This means switching to lean meat and low-fat dairy. Going for olive oil can also help a great deal.

But it is unclear for now whether you can improve your gut fungi levels directly. This area of study hasn’t been thoroughly explored yet. Studying gut fungi could help medical science find the key to solving obesity.

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