Kneipp Hydrotherapy and Fungal Prevention

There are many ways to limit risks for fungal infections. You can take preventative measures by wearing protective clothing in certain environments. But how about taking care of your body’s health first? The Kneipp hydrotherapy is one way to prevent fungal infections.

Water for Fungal Prevention

Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy that utilizes water, in all forms, to treat existing illness. Hydrotherapy uses both hot and cold water, as well as ice and steam in therapeutic treatments. It is also for preventative measures. It is primarily known in holistic health circles.

Kneipp hydrotherapy is a water therapy founded by the Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp. In the 1800s, while Kneipp was in school studying for priesthood, he contracted tuberculosis. He came across a book about the restorative powers of water by a physician named Joann Siegmund.

Kneipp experimented on himself. Dunking himself in the cold river for short bouts and then sprinting short distances. A few years later, he cured himself of his tuberculosis. He later went on write many books and had a faithful following.

One of the ways Kneipp hydrotherapy is successful is because it is supposed to strengthen the immune system. If you intend on using Kneipp hydrotherapy for fungal prevention, it is important to know that strengthening the immune system is key.

People inhale fungi spores all the time without ever developing infections. The key is the strength of their immune system. The body naturally fights off the fungus or keeps it at manageable levels, before symptoms can develop. The weaker the immune system, the more likely it would be to develop a fungal infection like Aspergillosis.

Final Thoughts

If you are bold enough to brave the waters, you can use Kneipp hydrotherapy for fungal prevention, especially if holistic therapy is appealing to you.

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