The 3 Most Effective Natural Treatments for Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal disease of the skin that starts between the toes. People with athlete’s foot may experience painful blisters as well as itching in the affected areas.

Experts say that natural treatments for athlete’s foot can be very effective. So here are three popular treatment options:

1. Rubbing Alcohol

In order to stop this disease from spreading, you first need to kill the fungus that is causing it. Rubbing alcohol can do that. Hydrogen peroxide is a good option as well.

In both cases, you simply rub the substance into the affected area. You can also try a footbath of 70% rubbing alcohol and 30% water.

Some believe that a vinegar footbath can work too. But so far, science hasn’t proved or disproved this.

2. Garlic

Garlic contains ajoene. This natural chemical is great at combating fungal diseases, so eating garlic regularly can help a great deal.

Furthermore, rubbing smashed garlic into your skin twice a day is one of the best natural treatments for athlete’s foot.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the best-known home remedies for this condition.

To make sure the tea tree oil stays on your skin, you should mix it with a carrier. Coconut oil is a good choice for this. You should rub the mixture into the affected area two to four times a day.

But before you can use tea tree oil, you should make sure you’re not allergic to it. Remember that the signs of an allergic reaction can take 12-24 hours to manifest. Also, always use an area of undamaged skin to test potential allergens.

Sunflower seed oil and bitter orange oil are both great natural treatments for athlete’s foot as well.

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