The Antifungal Qualities of Linden

There are various alternative remedies for fungal infections available on the market. Creams and teas containing essential oils claim to cure an assortment of ailments. Though different health benefits are known in folklore medicine, the antifungal properties of linden are not.

An Examination of Linden as a Remedy

Linden, from the genus Tilia, is a medicinal tree used to treat various ailments. Therapeutic linden is also known as American basswood and lime tree. It grows naturally across the American mid-west to east coast. As well as various European countries. And used as a shade tree. It is a European Folk Remedy and trusted for centuries.

Used for a variety of ailments, linden’s brewed for cold and flu symptoms as well as anxiety. It also bolsters the immune system.

One active ingredient that may provide for its known health properties is flavonoids. Flavonoids act as antioxidants and are present in linden flowers. They help to purge the body of free radicals, or environmental contaminants.

Linden also contains tannins which is an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of many fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

The positive effects of linden are still under-documented. We can ascertain that positive health properties for linden can stem from the flavonoid and tannin content. However, there is scarce research to back-up these claims.

On the other hand, some studies reflect the therapeutic properties of other essences. Positive results stem from a combination of antibiotics and herbal therapies. So long as the antibiotics can complement each other. Consult with your doctor first if you chose to try the antifungal properties of linden tea in conjunction with prescription medication.

Final Thoughts

Linden is a trusted European folk remedy. Though no data correlates directly to antifungal properties of linden, we can establish that the positive effects would certainly help.

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