This New Treatment Could Help Prevent Complications of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is extremely widespread.

Fungi are to blame for 50% of all nail diseases. Statistics say that around 14% of North Americans have to deal with these fungal infections. They are even more widespread in Europe and East Asia.

Anyone can develop toenail fungus. Men are likelier to suffer from this infection. Furthermore, older people are likelier to have toenail fungus than adolescents.

Since it is so widespread, it’s important to discuss the complications of toenail fungus. The most significant downside of this infection is that it is very difficult to treat.

Antifungal medications aren’t effective for everybody. This is mainly because these drugs can’t penetrate through the surface of your nail. Thus, they don’t reach the source of the infection.

Furthermore, these drugs need a very long time to start showing results. These treatments can take months. Additionally, recurrence is one of the top complications of toenail fungus.

A Possible New Treatment

It is obvious why better treatments are necessary for toenail fungus. So what is the most promising new treatment option? Scientists have discovered that Cold Atmospheric Plasma could be the answer.

So what is this exactly? It’s a mixture of various gases. The gases are also ionized.

There are other ways medical science uses this mixture. It can whiten your teeth. It’s also an important tool for cleaning medical instruments.

But why does it work on toenails?

Cold Atmospheric Plasma can kill fungi and other parasites. It might be possible to use it for the problem of toenail infections.

This is a very important discovery. After all, it could lead to a decrease in the use of antibiotics.

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