Toe-B-Gone: Natural Organic Remedies to Banish Toenail Fungus

According to research published in the PLOS Pathogens, a peer-reviewed open-access medical journal, fungus is responsible for 50% of all nail diseases, and people spend millions of dollars every year trying to treat it.

Before turning to expensive prescription drugs to kill toe fungus and restore your toenails’ natural, healthy appearance, try one of these natural and organic home remedies. They’re made with herbs and everyday ingredients and can help destroy the fungus and get your feet back to being healthy with strong, beautiful nails.

1. Change Your Hygiene

According to the Mayo Clinic’s medical staff, one of the best things you can do is change your foot hygiene to prevent nail fungus and stop regrowth of fungus. This includes using breathable shoes, only wearing dry socks and dry shoes, and cutting your nails straight across instead of curing the angle of the trim. Also, disinfect your nail clippers every time you use them to prevent spreading the fungus accidentally.

2. Use Snakeroot

Snakeroot extract, also known as black cohosh extract, can be picked up from most grocery stores, big box retailers and even Amazon. It’s a natural antifungal made from a flower that’s related to the sunflower. One study found that when the extract was applied once every three days for 30 days, it was just as effective as prescription antifungal drugs.

3. Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is commonly used to treat topical fungus and bacteria problems, including acne. But it’s good for not just your skin, but also your nails. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports that various research studies have shown how applying tea tree oil right to your toenail a couple of times a day can help get rid of toenail fungus and prevent fungus reinfection.

With these natural remedies, you don’t have to be like the thousands of other people who spend millions of dollars fighting their toe fungus!

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