What Does Fungus Do to Your Nervous System?

While most people associate fungal infections with thrush and athletes foot, medical professionals have been pointing to the more serious fungal infections. So, what does fungus do to your nervous system?

Worst case scenario, a fungal infection affects the nervous system and the brain. In these incidences, patients face very serious health issue and may die.

Fungus and the Nervous System

During the last decade, several factors have led to an increase in fungal infections, including organ transplants, HIV, immune-suppressive therapies, and intensive care treatment. Fungal infections in the central nervous system have become much more common as a result.

Among the fungal infections affecting the nervous system and brain, we’ve got meningitis, Aspergilliosis, Candidiasis, Coccidioides, Cryptococcus, Histoplasmosis, and Mucormycosis. So, in an answer to the question what does fungus do to your nervous system, experts point to the most common consequences of fungal infections in the nervous system including meningitis, hydrocephalus, lesions, cerebral abscesses, and stroke syndrome.

Who Is Susceptible to Fungal Infection in the Nervous System?

In general, fungal infections rarely affect the nervous system or brain. However, patients who have a weakened immune system may see the spread of a fungal infection to the nervous system. While some of these fungal infections in the nervous system can be treated, meningitis, mucormycosis, and aspergillus can be fatal.

Final Thoughts

Experts keep asking the question what does fungus do to your nervous system. More research is necessary as well as an increased awareness of fungal infections. Because of the rise in numbers, medical professionals all over the world are now pointing to the seriousness of fungal infections.

Though fungal infections in the brain and nervous system are not all that common, diagnostics and choosing the right treatment early on are crucial.

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