Yeast Infection: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Yeast infection caused by fungus Candida albicans is also known as candidiasis. At least 3 out of 4 women experience this fungal infection at some point in time in their life.

A healthy vagina has some yeast cells and bacteria. Overgrowth of candida disrupts the balance of yeast and bacteria in the vagina, and this can cause infection. Candida infections are also known to cause diaper rash and fungal toenail infections.


Imbalance of bacteria can cause a yeast infection. Imbalance of bacteria caused due to a weak immune system, lack of sleep, uncontrolled diabetics, hormone imbalances, stress, poor eating habits and antibiotics.


  • Pain or burning sensation during urination.
  • Swelling and itching sensation around the vagina.
  • Soreness and redness on and around the vagina area.
  • Unusual vaginal discharge. The whitish-gray discharge looks like cottage cheese.

Depending on how long the symptoms are left untreated can have an impact on how severe the symptoms are.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Yeast infections are simple to diagnose and treat. The diagnosis starts with the doctor asking about your medical history and whether you had such fungal infections before.

Pelvic examination is the next step. The doctor examines the cervix and vaginal walls for signs of infection. Depending on the signs the doctor collects some cells and sends them for examination at a lab. If the lab results are positive for an infection, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment.

For simple infections, the doctor prescribes an antifungal cream, tablet, ointment or suppository for a few days. If the infection is severe or complicated, the doctor prescribes long-term treatment. The treatment includes antifungal cream, tablet, ointment or suppository for at least 14 days.

Follow up is necessary if the symptoms recur within two months. If you want to avoid prescription medications, you can opt for natural remedies such as coconut oil and tea tree oil cream.

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