Can a Detox Prevent Fungal Diseases?

There are many types of detox options available. Many of them are for weight loss or health benefits. But, do you wonder if detox can prevent fungal diseases?

The Lowdown on Detox

There are two types of detoxes. One is a medical detox. This involves ridding the body of dangerous poisons, alcohol, or drugs. A medical detox takes place in a medical setting.

The second type of detox is the diet or cleanse. These are more of a do-it-yourself detox with little, if any, oversight. Detox diets claim to take care a variety of ailments.

There are many reasons to get on a detox diet. Some are cleansers that are meant to remove toxins. But, according to doctors, there is little evidence that a diet detox eliminates toxins from the body.

Personal testimonies report feeling better after a detox, but that may be due to changing your diet temporarily. During a detox, you eliminate processed food. The feeling of physical well-being is probably due more with the change to a healthier diet than the flushed toxins.

One of the more popular detox avenues is an oxygen detox. Delivered through a mask, this air has a higher oxygen concentration than that found in the air we breathe. One of the things oxygen detox claims is a boost to the immune system. Though this method is used by people with chronic lung infections, there is no evidence that it boosts the immune system.

There are risks to trying the different types of detox programs. When you use a diet or cleanse, you run the risk of dehydrating your body. You can also create a deficit of much-needed nutrients if you deny your body for extended periods of time.

Final Thoughts

There is insufficient evidence that supports claims that a detox can prevent fungal diseases. As a matter of fact, it can be more harmful than beneficial. The body is sufficient in ridding its own toxins. If you want to help it along, make sure you eat a balanced diet that is low in sugar and processed foods.

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