Does Your Immune System Help Fight Pulmonary Fungus?

Over the last few years, scientists have studied the immune system’s response to fungal infections. They now know that the immune system recognizes fungi and goes on to fight them. As the processes are highly complex, immunologists suggest more research is required in this area. So, does your immune system help fight pulmonary fungus like aspergillosis?

New Study Suggests Immune System Makes Fungi Self-Destruct

Studying the potentially fatal fungal lung disease, aspergillosis, scientists went to investigate why most people who inhale this fungus do not get sick.

In the study, they exposed mice to an airborne fungus, similar to that responsible for aspergillosis. They observed how the white blood cells in the mice surround the spores of the fungus. During this process, immune system cells release an enzyme which causes the fungus cells to self-destruct. As a result, the fungus can never establish itself in the lungs. Hence no disease develops.

In conclusion, these scientists suggested that a similar process take place when the aspergillosis fungus enters the lungs by inhalation. Only in people with immune system weaknesses, does this fungus take hold.

Subsequently, the researchers introduced more powerful fungi, as a result of which half of the mice died within an 8-day period.

This has led the scientists to believe that the strain of fungus is crucial in this process. So, if you’re asking does your immune system help fight pulmonary fungus, you now know that it does.

Final Thoughts

Scientists have answered the question does your immune system help fight pulmonary fungus with a resounding yes. More research and observation are necessary to study the immune system responses in more detail. By understanding how the immune system already successfully fights infections, scientists can contribute to the development of life-saving treatments.

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