How Popping Zits Could Cause Serious Infections

how popping zits could cause serious infections

If you look in the mirror one morning and discover an unsightly zit, you may be tempted to pop it. After all, what harm? Even though many people do it, you should think twice before you join the legion of zit-poppers. This article examines how popping zits could cause serious infections.

In fact, we recommend leaving them well alone. If your zit doesn’t disappear by itself within 3-7 days, seek help from a dermatologist.

How Popping Zits Could Cause Serious Infections

First, you need to understand what a zit is. You may think of it as a little bag of acne bacteria, oil, and other impurities. So, when you pop one, all these potentially harmful agents get in contact with other parts of your skin. What’s more, they can enter open areas of your skin and develop new zits.

In addition, bacteria from your fingers can get into the zit when you’re popping it, which may make it even bigger. Furthermore, all the pressure you’re applying can push the bacteria deeper into the skin, which can also cause more serious issues. Long-lasting infections and scars are just some of the negative consequences you may reap.

Popping a zit with contaminated tools can also have a serious downside. Apart from the bacteria present in the dirt, fungi can enter the zit and develop into a serious infection.

So, now you know how popping zits could cause serious infections. If you’re worried, your best bet is to visit your local dermatologist.

Dermatologists Can Safely Pop Zits

Using the appropriate sterile tools, dermatologists can pop zits safely and effectively. As a result, your zit will clear, and you won’t experience any scarring. Different techniques come into play, and sometimes, taking an oral antibiotic or applying a topical one is also part of the treatment.