Sudden Ear Problems? It Could Be Otomycosis

fungal infection of the ear

Otomycosis is a fungal infection of the ear. Fungi are the cause of around 10 percent of ear infections. This article gives an overview of the top symptoms of otomycosis, as well as some treatment options.

How Do You Recognize a Fungal Infection of the Ear?

This infection appears suddenly, and it comes with a discharge from the ears. This discharge can be white, yellow, green, gray or even black.

People with otomycosis experience hearing problems and a stuffed sensation in their ears. Tinnitus is also present (a ringing in the ears).

This infection is painful, and it affects the skin of the outer ear as well. Your ears may feel itchy. Furthermore, the skin may become flaky and swollen.

What about Treatment?

If you have a fungal infection of the ear, it’s very important to start treatment in time. After all, untreated otomycosis can become chronic.

Antifungal medication is the key to treating this condition. But otomycosis can be caused by around 60 different species of fungus. Hence, the first step is to figure out exactly what kind of fungus is the source of the problem.

After this, your doctor will prescribe antifungal ear drops or pills. Since the condition affects the skin, you may also get a prescription for gels or creams.

Since the discharge causes hearing difficulties, you need to clean it out. However, this isn’t possible to do safely using cotton swabs.

Your doctor will suggest rinses and other cleaning methods. They may also recommend using hydrogen peroxide to dissolve the discharge. Additionally, you can take certain over the counter drugs that will help with both the discharge and the pain.