How Good Hygiene Habits Are the Key to Preventing Fungal Infections

Good hygiene habits should be a given. Washing hands. Brushing teeth. Wearing clean clothes. Unfortunately, becoming lax in these habits have higher repercussions than a scolding from mom. They also increase our risk of fungal infections. It turns out she was right. In more ways than one. Good hygiene prevents fungal infections.

Ways Simple Hygiene Habits Affect Risk of Fungal Infections

Washing seems to be a given for good hygiene habits. Washing your hands and feet regularly with soap and water is more than good personal hygiene. It is also a good way to lower your risk of certain fungal infections.

The same goes for your feet. Fungi love the warm moist environment of a sweaty foot. Washing your feet, changing your socks throughout the day, and wearing well-ventilated shoes helps prevent foot related fungus infections like athlete’s foot.

Another area that benefits from good oral health and hygiene habits is your mouth. It helps prevent fungus infections of the mouth like thrush. Healthy habits include brushing your teeth and flossing thoroughly and regularly.

Regularly changing clothes that you sweat in, or wear intimately also helps prevent fungal infections. Changing underwear every day can help lower the risk of fungal infections like jock itch.

Remember to stay cool and dry. Excessive sweating without changing clothes can be a hotbed for fungal infections. Even on hot days, opt for breathable fabrics and remember to bathe. Fungi love moist environments, so try to keep as cool and dry as possible.

Final Thoughts

You already practice good hygiene habits. Now you just need to be diligent. Good hygiene prevents fungal infections. So, save yourself some discomfort. Keep doing what you already know to do.

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